Let’s Praise God

God has been so gracious to this church and has poured His anointing (and is still pouring) upon this church. We are so thankful for such an awesome presence, and power of Jehovah; we have experienced and still are experiencing miraculous healing, deliverance and breakthrough through his Spirit. We welcome you to be part of this Holy Spirit filled Church ‘Where Jesus becomes so real to you. Yokes are destroyed because of the anointing, minds are renewed through his word, doors are opened and captives are set free because his spirit is still moving in the church’. We are excited to have you today and if you don’t have a place of worship, please join us today because we hold forth the Word of Life and believe that we may rejoice in the day of Christ and that we have not un in vain, neither have we labored in vain – Philippians 2:16.

Once again, welcome to Word of Life Gospel Church. May you continue to abide in his Grace.

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